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Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning to play the piano while singing isn’t easy. It requires years of practice and the ability to multitask, rather like playing a drum-kit. Join Bay Area chanteuse and pianist Jill Tracy and VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman for a conversation about how to combine these two distinct skills to make beautiful music. The show airs this Friday, February 18, from 10-11pm at 91.7 FM. Or listen anytime via the on demand online music player at kalw.org.

If you missed last week's show, it is available on demand via kalw's online music player throughout this week. Click here and scroll down to the VoiceBox link to access the latest broadcast. All previously-aired VoiceBox broadcasts can be found here.

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  • Speaking as a yodeler, I was deeply disappointed by the yodeling broadcast on 2/11/11. Dan Hicks obviously had very limited knowledge of the history of yodeling, well-known and competent yodelers of the past and did not know how to explain the technique of producing a yodel. He just couldn't answer the questions put to him by the host who was looking to him for some expertise. Why did she think he was the "go to" guy? I also thought that his talent as a yodeler was very minimal as he frequently sang off pitch and had an extremely limited range of yodeling sounds. Frankly, he was an embarassment and I felt ripped off at the end of the show. I hope in the future that there will be more pre-show work to assure that the information going out on the air is more authentic.
    Gary Thomsen, authentic Bay Area yodeler.

    By Blogger Unknown, At February 12, 2011 at 3:06 PM  

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