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Exciting Update! All new Voicebox to air tomorrow on KALW

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

VoiceBox: How auctioneers turn selling into an art form, and a sport 

Tune in to KALW's "The Spot" at 5:30pm PST to hear the new Voicebox episode - you might be surprised by its jazzy new format!

VoiceBox is a sound-rich exploration of the human voice. In each five-minute episode, host Chloe Veltman, reporter Alyssa Kapnik and sound engineer Seth Samuel explore pitch and harmony, meet shouters, singers, announcers and stutterers, and ponder the meaning and importance of the most primal of musical instruments.

Photo courtesy of Justin Ochs
In “Auctioneering,” we meet Colorado Auctioneers Hall of Famer Steve Linnebur and Al Carlson, a long-time auction attendee from Golden, Colorado. We also meet Justin Ochs, an auctioneer from Tennessee. 

Live auctions are an ancient art. The form has evolved into a kind of sport, where spectators often show up with a sandwich and a lawn chair just to listen to skilled practitioners using their voices to sell all kinds of goods. For more information, visit the Voicebox page on the Colorado Public Radio website.

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