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All New Voicebox! How singing cures stuttering

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tim Krueger leads a rehearsal for the Saint Andrew’s
Episcopal Church Choir. (Photo by Alyssa Kapnik)
VoiceBox is a sound-rich exploration of the human voice. In each episode, host Chloe Veltman, reporter Alyssa Kapnik and sound engineer Seth Samuel explore pitch and harmony, meet shouters, singers, announcers and stutterers, and ponder the meaning and importance of the most primal of musical instruments.

In “Stuttering,” we speak to Ryan Pollard, an instructor at CU Boulder, and Tim Krueger, a choir leader in Denver, both of whom have lived with a stutter since they were young.

Both of these individuals share how music -- specifically singing -- can help alleviate vocal impediments.

You can catch the show this Friday, May 2nd on CPR at 10:30am and 7.30pm (Mountain time) and coming up on May 22 on KALW.

For more information, visit the Voicebox page on the Colorado Public Radio website.

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